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Archive Access Restrictions - ezmlm and ezmlm-idx Manual

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3.6.3 Placing restrictions on archive access(*)

For some lists, you may not want non-subscribers to be able to read archived messages. This restriction can be placed on a list with the ezmlm-make(1)-g’ switch or the DIR/subgetonly control file. Since ezmlm always sends archive excerpts to the sender of the request this ensures that only persons able to read mail to a subscriber address can receive archive excerpts. All such persons can already read the list traffic. The same is true for digest subscribers who also have access to the digest.

The “allow” address database can be useful to give archive access to addresses not in the main or “digest” subscriber databases. Addresses in this database are treated as subscribers, both for archive access and posts, but of course they will not receive list messages.

You can also make the list non-public. This can be done by removing DIR/public or by using the ezmlm-make ‘-P’ switch (see More Information). This results in a list where only remote administrators can access the archive. You can eliminate the archive altogether, but it may be required for other purposes (such as digest generation).