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ezmlm-make Unable to create ... - ezmlm-idx FAQ

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6.9 ezmlm-make fails: Unable to create ...

This error occurs when ezmlm-make is used to set up a list, and it tries to create a directory or a .qmail-list link that already exists. Usually, this occurs because the list already exists. If you are creating a new list, first erase remnants of any old test lists by deleting the list directory and the link files: NOTE: DO NOT USE THESE COMMANDS WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING THEM. You may erase more than you intended!

     % rm -rf DIR
     % rm -rf ~/.qmail-list ~/.qmail-list-*

If you want to save some files (such as in DIR/text/), make backup copies first, run ezmlm-make, then copy the backups to DIR/text/. Of course, it is usually easier to create a custom .ezmlmrc, and than use that for all your lists.

To use ezmlm-make(1) to modify an existing list, without changing the subscriber or moderator lists or the message archive, use the ezmlm-make -e switch. With this, you need to re-specify all desired switches. If instead you use -+ you need to specify only switches that are changed/new. NOTE: any customization that you've made to program files like DIR/editor will be overwritten. For instance, if you manually added checks to DIR/editor or added a pointer to a custom moderator database in e.g. DIR/modsub these changes will be lost. To retain such changes (especially ones that are common for several of your lists), place them in a local ~/.ezmlmrc file instead. You can either make such changes the default for your lists, or you can configure ~/.ezmlmrc so that they are added only if a specific ezmlm-make switch is used (see Customizing ezmlm-make operation).