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Where can I find documentation for ezmlm and patches? - ezmlm-idx FAQ

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1.7 Where can I find documentation for ezmlm and patches?

man pages
All ezmlm component programs come with their own man pages. Thus, for info on ezmlm-send, type:
          % man ezmlm-send

or if you have unpacked ezmlm, but not made it or installed it:

          % cd ezmlm-0.53
          % man ./ezmlm-send.1

General info on ezmlm and list directories is in ezmlm.5:
          % man ezmlm


          % cd ezmlm-0.53
          % man ./ezmlm.5

NOTE: Installation of the ezmlm-idx package updates some existing man pages to reflect changes made by the patch (e.g. ezmlm-send(1), ezmlm(5)).

Text files in the distribution
ezmlm/idx comes with a README file with general instructions, an INSTALL file with installation instructions, an UPGRADE file for upgrading from a previous version and a CHANGES file with information on changes from previous versions. For a discussion of the authors' understanding of ezmlm security, see Ezmlm-idx security.
The ezmlm/idx manual
The ezmlm manual is a brief manual that is meant for list subscribers, list moderators and remote administrators, and as an introduction for list owners. It is useful even if you do not use ezmlm-idx. Features requiring ezmlm-idx are marked as such. The manual is available in many formats including plain text and HTML.
This FAQ
This FAQ is built from a TeXinfo source. It is available in the following formats:
  • An on-line HTML version
  • Via mirrors mentioned for the ezmlm-idx package.
  • An up-to-date text version, FAQ.txt, included with the ezmlm-idx package.

WWW resources
General qmail and ezmlm info

The qmail mailing list archive

The ezmlm mailing list archive

Mailing lists
Please read other documentation and mailing list archives before posting questions to the lists. It's also useful to lurk on the list for a few days, (i.e. to subscribe and read without posting) before asking your questions on the list.

To subscribe, send mail to the email addresses listed: