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The ezmlm path for bounces - ezmlm-idx FAQ

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4.9 The ezmlm path for bounces

Bounces to the list are handled by DIR/bouncer. For the digest list this is DIR/digest/bouncer. The two were combined in previous versions, which is still supported. As this leads to problems with list names ending in ‘digest’, the functions are separate with lists set up or edited with ezmlm-idx>=0.32. The bounce is first delivery is to ezmlm-weed(1) which removes delivery delay notification and other junk. The second to ezmlm-return(1) which analyzes valid bounces storing the information in DIR/bounce/ for the list and DIR/digest/bounce/ for the digest. This is the information that ezmlm-warn(1) (invoked from DIR/editor and DIR/manager) uses and processes for automatic bounce handling. ezmlm-return(1) will also unsubscribe a subscriber from whom a probe message has bounced.