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Setting up ezmlm-make for special situations - ezmlm-idx FAQ

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7.6 Setting up ezmlm-make for special situations

Ezmlm-make is very flexible. There are only three sets of special command line switches: -vV for version info, -cC controlling the use of a custom file .ezmlmrc in the ‘dot’ directory, and -eE for edit mode (i.e. reconfiguration of existing list setups). All other switches are soft, i.e. controlled through ezmlmrc(5). Many switches, have special meanings via ezmlmrc(5) and are documented in the man page. Any other switches can be used for customization (NOTE: we may use switches other than -xyz for specific purposes in future versions.) The -xyz switches will always be available for your use, with the -x switch being configured for some demo/special features in the distributed ezmlmrc(5). You can use them for anything you like. They are by default off=false. The complement of these switches is -XYZ (by default on=true). You can use these to cause specific changes in the list setup if a given switch is used. For an example, see the -x switch as used and documented in the default ezmlmrc(5) file. The switches -aip are set by default to be backwards compatible with ezmlm-0.53. Other switches are ‘off’ by default.

Switches -a-z and -A-Z take no arguments. Switches -0 and and -3-9 take arguments. When the ezmlm-make(1) -+ switch is used, the current settings for all these switches are read from the list's DIR/config (if available).