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Remote administration subscribe confirm requests go to the user - ezmlm-idx FAQ

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6.13 Remote administration (un)subscribe confirm requests go to the user, not the moderator

Either the list is not set up for remote administration (i.e. DIR/remote does not exist), or the moderator is sending the request from an address that is not in the moderator database (e.g. from ‘Fred@host.dom’, when ‘fred@host.dom’ is in the moderator db, but ‘Fred@host.dom’ is not). ezmlm-manage(1) has no way of knowing that the SENDER is a moderator and treats the request as coming from a regular user, i.e. it sends a confirmation request to the target address. Correct the SENDER address, the address in the moderator db, or create DIR/remote. If you are using a non-default moderator db location, make sure that the moddir name is in DIR/remote (for remote admin only) or DIR/modsub (if there is subscription moderation as well). In both cases, the contents will be ignored unless they start with a ‘/’.