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Moderating subscription from a secondary account - ezmlm-idx FAQ

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13.3 Moderating subscription from a secondary account

Requests for moderator approval of user subscribe requests can be forwarded to any address and acted on from that address. All subscription moderation requests have subjects starting with ‘CONFIRM’ (or ‘CONFIRM subscribe to listname’, since ‘CONFIRM unsubscribe from listname’ is sent to the moderator only in reply to a moderator-initiated request on a list with remote admin).

Remote administration (initiation by the moderator of (un)subscribe requests on behalf of a user) CANNOT be initiated from an account that is not listed in the moderator database. If such attempts are made, these will be treated as regular requests, resulting in a confirm request to the user (which includes a copy of the initial request, revealing the moderator's address to the user). The user reply to a confirm request will on a non-moderated list result in the addition of the user address to the subscriber list, and in a moderated list a CONFIRM request to all the moderators. Replies to unsubscribe confirm requests always result in the removal of the address, without moderator intervention (except in some cases when the ezmlm-manage -U switch is used (see below)). With this caveat, moderation and remote administration can be done from a secondary address.

For the subscription moderator to temporarily use a different address, s/he needs to forward all ‘CONFIRM’ messages to the new address. For a permanent move, it is better to remove the old moderator address and add the new SENDER address to allow moderator-initiated (un)subscribes without user intervention from the new address (of course, the list has to be configured for remote administration with DIR/remote).