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Lists that do not require user confirmation for (un)subscription - ezmlm-idx FAQ

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17.10 Lists that do not require user confirmation for (un)subscription

The need for a user handshake can be eliminated by the ezmlm-manage(1) -S (subscribe) and/or -U (unsubscribe) switches. Alone, this is very insecure. However, there may be some use for it in local lists with subscription moderation, or alone for notifications where ease of use is more important than preventing users from (un)subscribing others. If the list has subscription moderation or remote administration, any user subscribe or unsubscribe request is forwarded to the moderators if the SENDER and target address do not match, even if the -U/-S switches are specified. This is put in place to make a -U/-S list similar to other list managers, not for security (it's not secure, since a malicious outsider can easily fake the SENDER address). Unsubscribe confirmations are sent also to the target in this case, to avoid situations where the user needs moderator “permission” to get off the list.