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How ezmlm-tstdig works - ezmlm-idx FAQ

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4.25 How ezmlm-tstdig works

ezmlm-tstdig(1) looks at DIR/num and DIR/dignum to determine how many messages and how much traffic (in terms of bytes of message body) has arrived to the list since the latest digest. It also determines how much time has passed since the last digest was generated. If any of the criteria specified by the DIR/digcount, DIR/digsize, or DIR/digfiles files or by the command line switches exists, ezmlm-tstdig(1) exits 0, causing the invocation of the next line in the .qmail file. If not, ezmlm-tstdig(1) exits 99 causing qmail to skip the rest of the .qmail file. ezmlm-tstdig(1) looks at $LOCAL to determine if it is invoked in the command line, in DIR/editor, or in DIR/manager. In the latter two cases, ezmlm-tstdig(1) verifies that the list local address is correct. If invoked in DIR/manager, ezmlm-tstdig(1) exits 0 for all action requests except ‘list-dig’, so that is does not interfere with the normal functions of ezmlm-get(1) and ezmlm-manage(1). ezmlm-tstdig(1) uses DIR/tstdig as a flag to avoid problems caused by starting the program when another copy is already running.