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Customizing ezmlm notification messages - ezmlm-idx FAQ

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9.10 Customizing ezmlm notification messages

Most of ezmlm's more commonly used messages are stored in DIR/text/. These messages can be edited manually for a list once it is set up, or on a global basis via modification of ezmlmrc(5). The messages may also be edited via email by remote administrators (remote admin must also be enabled - ezmlm-make switch -r) after the list is established by creating the list using the ezmlm-make(1) -n (new text files) (see How text file editing works and see Customizing ezmlm-make operation).

The most useful messages are DIR/text/sub-ok (and for subscription moderated lists DIR/text/mod-sub) for new subscriber information (such as the traditional ‘welcome’ message, or a list charter or list posting rules/guidelines); DIR/text/unsub-nop is useful for messages to frustrated users unsuccessful in their unsubscribe attempts; DIR/text/help for general help information in reply to ‘list-help@host’ or unrecognized commands, DIR/text/bottom for inclusion at the bottom of virtually all ezmlm messages; DIR/text/mod-help for moderator information; DIR/text/trailer for a (few) line(s) at the bottom of each post; DIR/text/digest for information in the ‘Administrivia’ section of digests.