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  • ezmlm-idx does not implement a full MIME parser. Comments can be inserted to defeat the MIME parsing mechanism, such as:
    • Content-Type: (comment) test/plain This type of comment, while legal, does not occur in normal messages. Guiding info past ezmlm-idx MIME parsing is easier done by enclosing a message within a message. The mechanism isn't intended as a "secure" way of preventing e.g. "application/ms-tnef" from being disseminated. If you think this is a problem, E-mail
  • Mimeremove/reject work only at the outer MIME layer.
  • ezmlm-request requires addresses to be user@host. While rfc822 compliant, addresses like ``"the man" @ host'' are not accepted.
  • ezmlm-make and ezmlm-request use NUL as a EOL terminator internally, so lines with NUL will be truncated at that position. Needs fixing.


  • rfc2369 compliance partial]. Rewrite ezmlmrc to make texts refer to the rfc2369 headers and especially move most "bottom" info to "help".
  • List-ID support.
  • ezmlm-gate support for more flexible post/moderation arbitration.
  • more alternative dbs. LDAP? Oracle? Sybase?
  • qmail-qmqpc support.

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